What is GamStop ?

what is gamstop

The UK Gambling Commission created the online self-exclusion program GamStop to prevent gamblers from establishing risky habits. Gamblers of any skill level can benefit greatly from GamStop. It gives customers the option to establish limits on depositing and spending, potential losses and time that is spent on gambling activities. GamStop is a tool designed to help people who may have gambling problems or want to control their gambling habits by allowing them to voluntarily exclude themselves from participating in online gambling activities.

How does GamStop work?

1. Registration

People can sign up for GamStop for free by submitting their contact information, which includes name, address, date of birth, and email address. Additionally, they must select a time frame for their self-exclusion period, which can be anything between six months and five years.

2. Self-Exclusion

Once a person has enrolled, GamStop will distribute their data to all participating UK gambling providers. The regulation requires these operators to check the GamStop database before letting users to sign up for new accounts or log in to those they already have. A person won't be able to access gambling websites for the selected self-exclusion period if their data matches that in the GamStop database.

3. Cooling-Off Period

There is normally a cooling-off period following registration before the self-exclusion kicks in. People can still use their current accounts to bet throughout this time.

4. Exclusion Period

Gamblers will not be able to access gambling websites or applications run by UK-licensed operators after the self-exclusion period starts. This aids in blocking their gambling activities  and gives people a chance to escape the vicious cycle of addiction or regain control over their gambling behaviors.

5. Support

GamStop also offers information and resources to anyone looking for assistance with their gambling issues. They advise customers how to get help from other organizations like GamCare and the National Gambling Helpline.

GamStop was specifically created for use with online gambling websites and apps that have licenses from the UK Gambling Commission. This is significant information to keep in mind. It excludes offline casinos, sportsbooks, and websites that are not based in the UK. Individuals should also utilize GamStop sensibly and, if necessary, think about getting professional assistance for gambling addiction.

The Self-Exclusion System Explained

In an effort to assist problem gamblers, GamStop Self-exclusion mechanism was created. The program's first launch took place in April 2018. Because of the way the program worked, it was recognized as a "one-of-a-kind" invention for problem gamblers.

If they need help with a gambling problem, gamblers who have an account with a GamStop online gambling site can simply sign up for the program. The cost of signing up is zero. Gamblers only need to provide the personal information that will be used to do so in order to be identified in the GamStop database.

Gamblers also get to pick their exclusion period's duration which varies - 6 months, 1 year, or 5 yards. Once the registration is approved, the self-exclusion begins.

This program is useful for aiding individuals in kicking their gambling addiction because it enables users to deliberately block themselves from all participating online gambling websites for a predetermined amount of time. Unfortunately, this scheme only covers websites that are headquartered in the UK.

It is a crucial tool for promoting responsible gambling in the UK, giving customers a quick and simple option to block online gambling sites, safeguard vulnerable people from financial damage, and adhere to UK laws. Additionally, it fosters consumer confidence in the gaming sector, which can ultimately lead to higher involvement and earnings for licensed operators.

How does self-exclusion work?


Self-exclusion refers to requesting an exclusion from activities at certain gambling operators  for a period of time, often between six and twelve months, but up to five years. During the  selected period you are prohibited from gambling with the gambling providers you chose. A customer who has followed the process to request self-exclusion may be refused service and prohibited from playing during this time period by any gaming establishment in Great Britain.

How it is done?

Advantages of Self-Exclusion Programs

Self-exclusion apps and programs implementation has several positive effects and improves society's well-being as a whole. The following are the primary benefits of employing programs like GamStop or any other self-exclusion program:

One of the greatest solutions to gambling issues is to set a time limit on any one activity. But not everyone can maintain self-control while having fun. Implementing software to limit access to potentially hazardous entertainment is appropriate in such a situation. GamStop and similar programs can aid in the treatment of gambling addictions because they have already demonstrated their effectiveness in dealing with such issues.

What are the other popular self-exclusion program alternatives beside GamStop?

Self-exclusion appears to be one of the best solutions to addiction issues gambler may experience.

One of the frequently employed tools in sportsbooks and casinos online in the UK is GamStop. By limiting access to betting and gambling websites, the program enables compulsive gamblers to benefit from support networks and receive the treatment they need. However, there are multiple other self-exclusion resources that are not affiliated with GamStop such as BetBlocker, GamCare, GamBan, GamBlock and numerous more.



Gamban is a simple-to-use program that prevents online gambling on all of your installed (mobile or other) devices, giving you a safe, dependable, and economical way to avoid gambling websites and applications and assisting people who struggle with compulsive gambling to resist the impulse.

How does Gamban work?

Once installed, the device will no longer be able to access gambling websites and apps. The software can be quickly installed on computers, mobile phones and tablets. We advise you to install Gamban on all the devices you use, so that you are fully protected. It works on Mac OS, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Once GamBan is installed, your device won't be able to use gambling-related websites or apps. On PCs, mobile devices, and tablets, the program can be easily and quickly installed. You should install Gamban on all of your devices to ensure complete protection. It functions on Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS devices.



Unlike other systems that necessitate continual updating of website lists, GamBlock employs advanced analysis to block new gambling websites and applications, thereby avoiding a potentially risky behaviour for users.

How does GamBlock work?



Anyone in the UK who is having problems as a result of a gambling issue, including gamblers, partners, and family members, can receive free, specialized treatment through GamCare. GamCare services are available online, over the phone, or in person.

You should seek help from GamCare if you think you could have a gambling problem or if you are in any way being impacted by the gambling issues a family member, friend, or other people may have.

GamCare offers free assistance, counsel, and information on problem gambling because it is an independent UK charity.

GamCare services include:



You can use the free app Betblocker to prevent yourself from participating in online gambling on your tablet, desktop, and mobile devices. It's a well-known tool that will restrict your ability to gamble. It can be relieving to know that you cannot gamble on your phone. The use of a online sportsbook or casino blocking program like Betblocker is an addition to or substitute for casino self-exclusion.

How does Betblocker work?


GamStop is an excellent tool for those who want to stop gambling. You can use it to limit access to betting and casino websites online. GamStop is not a panacea, though, and that must be kept in mind. It is merely a part of the overall solution with gambling issues among betting operators customers. Since its launch in 2018 GamStop has helped vast number of gamblers and the majority of them express great satisfaction with the service. Overall, GamStop is successful in meeting users' goals while also reducing a variety of harms associated with gambling. A wide range of people utilize GAMSTOP, and it provides effective support for a variety of customer betting gambling issues and needs.


Is GamStop a Free Service ?

Yes! GamStop is completely free service and tool that weill help  you self-exclude from all required UK licensed online gambling sites. It is very easy and simple to register with GamStop – signing up will prevent you from registering or logging into any gambling online accounts you may have.

Does Gamstop Actually Work?

Absolutely! GamStop program has a tremendous success in the UK as the leading self-exclusion provider. More than 250,000 users have joined the program since its launch in 2016.

When does my GAMSTOP exclusion expire?

Gamstop will expire after the selected minimum amount of time has elapsed. Gamstop gives users the option of choosing a self-exclusion period of 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. To have it removed after the minimum exclusion period has passed, you must contact Gamstop via phone. The self-exclusion prohibition will continue if you do not contact the organization.

What Happens After Gamstop Self-Exclusion Period Ends?

After your GamStop self-exclusion period ends you must phone Gamstop customer service to totally lift your exclusion. They'll confirm your identity after you let them know you want to end it and then you can start gambling again.

However, you have the choice to renew your self-exclusion if you feel that you still need a break from online gambling after it expires. You can do this by re-starting the self-exclusion in your Gamstop account. The ban will instantly resume.

What does Gamstop cover?

All websites that offer gambling, betting, or monetary wagering are off-limits to GamStop program participants. The service does not cover the offshore platforms as the GamStop covered platforms are only online betting operators that are under the Gambling Commission monitoring.